Deacons Ministry

MINISTRY SYNOPSIS: To be an extension of our Apostle’s ministry, to love and care for families, teach, and tend to the needs of the church.We manage the physical and logistical needs oof the church so that the other ministries can concentrate on their duties within the church.


To be a servitude leader toward the people of God, leading by example through love, and strengthening individuals and families in the Lord.


deacon’s assist with Baptism,administering the sacrament to the church, Sunday School teaching, Prayer, Brotherhood, visiting the sick and shut in and the general operation of the church.

HOW I JOIN: A person should be identified (by Apostle, Bishop, or the Deacons) displaying the characteristics and qualifications of a Deacon. After which the individual would participate in 1 year of training before having the opportunity to be ordained.  

Required Assistance: Caliber of Help needed (People | Support)

Occasional assistance would be beneficial from the Men of LOV, when building projects, remodels, and construction assignments are present.


All God’s people who are mature in the Lord and seek to provide Servant Leadership.  General introductory age is 25. The Deacon assignment is an ordained position

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