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campus Facilities

We have a SIX HUNDRED seat sanctuary, complete with full audio and video production services. Our facilities can be made available for weddings, ceremonies, live music recordings, special events, or conferences. As we also have a fellowship hall than can seat up 500 theater seating or can be configured for dinner events or receptions. We Also have full kitchen and catering services available. Have a look below, and send us an email about your upcoming event!

Weddings and Receptions

We "LOV" providing a space where new love begins! We are equipped to handle small and intimate weddings up to 600 attendee epic weddings. Whereas there may be a few limitations (we try to refrain for releasing live doves, and there may be some alcohol restrictions) however we do our best to be as accommodating as possible. Click below and let us know how we can help facilitate your wedding.

Live Recordings

We have 32 true digital audio channels, with the capability to record directly to pro-tools and other DAW formats. We also have comprehensive lighting to accentuate our four-camera, digital video production suite. Rental rates are available in various packages to suit the specific needs of your Gospel or Inspirational project. Click below and tell us about YOUR upcoming project

Fellowship Hall

up to 300 seats, available for your faith-based lecture, conference, and dinner style events. Our space features mood lighting and is configurable in many different ways to suit you needs. Limited kitchen and full catering services are also available, just click below and let us know about your upcoming event!

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