our history

 L.O.V. (Lily of the Valley) Ministries was established on February 21, 2010, as an act of obedience to G-d’s instruction. Xavier & Tina Williams, led by God, founded the ministry through their secret giving, sacrifices, and faithfulness to the word of G-d. As a result of their obedience, G-d extended favor and those seeds of obedience formed the church you see today.

L.O.V. Ministries was birthed out of the scripture found in the Gospel of John, detailing His unfailing love and sacrifice for all mankind, thus serving as our foundational scripture. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NIV)

With that strong foundation of G-d’s word, His love for all, as well as the need for the fellowship of all of His children; L.O.V. Ministries began congregating, humbly, in the Conference Center of Hilton Garden Inn hotel, of Lewisville, TX, and would pay great dividends. Through the G-d breathed leadership of Pastor Tina Williams, the ministry began to experience tremendous growth.

With a razor-sharp focus on the salvation of souls, Pastor Tina preached and taught the word of G-d with vigor and tenacity until captives were set free. Appropriately, prolific teaching, restoration, freedom, healing, deliverance, and demonstrating G-d’s power became the fruit of this ministry.

The Conference Center of the Hilton Garden Inn could no longer uphold the exponential growth and demand of the ministry therefore in 2011, L.O.V. Ministries purchased its very own building. A glorious transition from leased space to our very own property at 8850 Davis Blvd. in Southlake TX. Over the next seven years, 8850 became more than just a home for L.O.V. Ministries, it served as a launch pad of new life for many. Lives were changed forever in that building and with consistent and powerful testimonies, miracles, signs, and wonders our membership continued to grow reaching a level beyond the building’s capacity.

Miraculously, in 2018, the L-rd sanctioned a transition like none other, for Pastor and church alike. L.O.V was not just changing physical locations, we were now at a new place of elevation. It had not yet appeared what we were to become, G-d affirmed her an Apostle and us as a Nation. Building on our foundation laid by John 3:16; Genesis 12:1-3 would serve in conjunction with the plan of G-d for the ministry of our church.” and I will make of thee a great

nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great, and thou shalt be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:1-3 NIV)

Figuratively, we had new and big shoes to fill. 8850 was a single-purpose space with limited functionality. The front door of that building was direct access to the sanctuary, there was a RV trailer on the lot that served as our meeting, fellowship, and youth church space. But look what the L-rd did, our new location 824 West Pipeline Rd in Hurst, Texas is a 30,000 Sq. Ft. building that comfortably houses offices, a 600+ seat sanctuary, spacious multi-purpose rooms, a recording studio, and plenteous space for our youth to flourish. The Pipeline relocation was no doing of our own; The L-rd made room for us not just by way of more space in the building, but also by changing our name from L.O.V. Ministries to L.O.V. Nation.

Thanks to God… this is the history of our church but the story is far from over!

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