Men's Ministry

MINISTRY SYNOPSIS: LOVNation’s men’s ministry involve quarterly outings, team building opportunities and activities, a monthly men’s Bible Study, a monthly safe space for men to check & just talk, A bi-annual Men’s Conference, as well as host of other events. The training, duties, and activities aforementioned will develop self-control, discipline, obedience, and leadership abilities necessary to thrive with the local assembly. The men’s ministry will impact the ministry, at large, by taking our rightful place as head of home and church and helping our leader implement structure & order, so that the body can grow and be effective.


To identify the gifts of God in men while equipping them as servants and leaders, admonishing and influencing them to take their proper place in the church, the home, and in society. To provide ground level training, balanced by both biblical principle and practical application, on how to be a man of effectiveness in the home, the church & the real world.


The Men’s ministry offers:


To join, please reach out to Bishop Xavier, Keith Norman or Joshua Blocker by way of in person, group-me, email, or

Required Assistance: Caliber of Help needed (People | Support)


This department is looking for men who are committed and driven to being better. Simply put, men who are willing, ready, and able to lend of their time, resources, and knowledge.

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